We actively look for new development opportunities. Profitability, contractual terms, project country situation and logistics are some of the factors which decide if a development goes ahead. Projects which progress beyond the early elimination stage are subjected to more specific internal financial modelling, design and production which culminate with a draft business plan / project overview document.

Another key target area of ours is international tenders for solar PV developments. The attractiveness of the projects varies greatly according to the tender offer, works requested and country risk. If taken on board, a tender bid (or request for qualification) is prepared and submitted to the relevant authority. We maintain good communication with the tendering organisation up until the decision date and award of contract.


Our organisation is well connected and has history of cooperation with some of the largest global financing institutions. We are currently enjoying the support of the World Bank for an ongoing project.

The company possesses the reputation and the ability to negotiate favourable financing terms with the biggest of lenders. High debt funding percentage, longer repayment or attractive interest rates are some of the items we were able to obtain for our projects. Through our network, we are also able to advise on PPA terms, insurance and optimal tax structuring of the project company in different countries.

Whether supporting the client in financing a project or obtaining funding for own developments, we utilise a sophisticated financial model which has the flexibility to accommodate for country-specific risk, costs, tariffs, irradiation among others.


In case a client has not yet chosen and secured their project site, we could suggest a suitable location. With our wide-spread network of subsidiaries and partners, we may be able to offer project sites worldwide, taking into account the geographical and economical options as well as the political and legal background. We prepare all required documents in-house, which allows us to respond and amend plans promptly.

Project development and planning services overview:

- PV power plant planning and layout
- Component selection and design
- Other technical services & project management
- Support in securing land rights
- Support in obtaining construction and grid connection permits
- Support in securing an attractive energy off-take agreement


Firstly, the optimal mounting table must be selected with regards to electricity generation and land utilisation. Subject to circumstances, cabling can represent a significant cost item, which we aim to minimise with appropriate design and positioning of the mounting racks, inverters and transformer in relation to each other and the grid connection point.

The string layout for the PV power plant is defined according to geographical situation and local conditions such as solar irradiation and temperature profile. In addition, local conditions are considered when selecting a mounting structure because different tilt, height or micro-pile depth may be recommended due to snow and wind loads.

Shading-optimised layout is key to economic success of a project, since any shading of PV modules directly reduces overall yield. Our team engineers every project using sophisticated analytical methods, ensuring optimised layout even on hilly ground. The distance between each row is individually adjusted to take shading into account. Thus, installed power is maximised on the available project area while shading losses fall.


We offer O&M services in order to guarantee a sustainable performance ratio. The cutting-edge monitoring software provides real time overview of the PV system. For instance, the program is capable of pin-pointing the exact underperforming string and provides data which may enable us to resolve the issue without visiting the site.

In case of failure which cannot be fixed remotely, we have teams of engineers available to react immediately and correct any relevant problem on site. Through a combination of latest technology, international presence and past experience, our team provides a high level of support and an O&M contract with us brings plant downtime to a minimum.

O&M services overview:

- Continuous remote plant monitoring
- Issuing of operating reports
- Optimization of system operation
- Maintenance and failure remedy
- Cleaning of solar panels
- Support on insurance and guarantee matters