Our plug & play product is a unique and highly flexible pre-packaged solar container facility. It effectively includes the entire set of required components in standard shipping containers – either 40ft or 20ft, according to client requirements. This includes PV modules, inverters, cabling, mounting supports, and monitoring system. Specifications of each container are available upon request.
Therefore, a purchase of the MSP system simply means the order of a desired number of PV containers ready for quick installation and requires no significant prior technical knowledge on behalf of our customers. The product and its constituent elements are up to the highest technical standards of European manufacturing and are designed to work together in an optimal manner.


The solar PV market has shown growing popularity and wide-spread deployment of bi-facial panels, which generate electricity from light that hits the front as well as the back of the PV cells. The flexible solution has been designed to make the best use of not only the conventional modules but also the bi-facial technology.
The mounting structure profiles and the fixing parts have been designed to block as little of the rear side of the panels as possible. Therefore, they are able to pick up the maximum reflection coming off the surface. The amount of additional production is subject to the type of ground and indications may be found in guidance of panel manufacturers.


We provide the owners of our Mobile Solar Power system peace of mind during the operation of the facility in several ways. The package includes constant remote monitoring of plant performance via satellite connection and cutting-edge software, therefore enabling quick identification of any technical issues. Secondly, the plant features an intelligent alarm system which operates 24/7 and which alerts the user instantly to any break-ins and potential damage or theft. Also, the cabling is protected by being laid in a channel inside the lockable container.
The final safety measure offered lies in the mobility of the system. In case of change of legal, regulatory, natural or any other circumstances of the project, the owner can choose to pack and move the entire PV solution elsewhere, at extremely short notice.


The support structure is a refined version of the proven 2 panel portrait mounting table option, which blends elegant design with considerable load-carrying capacity. It has 3 or more pairs of substructure posts per table. The profiles running east-west follow the site slope and hence enable construction on hill sides, regardless of direction.
The height of the lowest point can be set at approximately 1m which, for instance, may be relevant in agro solar solutions where the soil underneath the panels is used for growing crops, sheep grazing or other. The solution is applicable in difficult terrains, geological or archaeological sites, due to below-average depth of piles. No natural water courses are disturbed. Using the telescopic support posts, the south tilt angle can be mechanically changed, hence the table is adjustable on multiple axes. We guarantee the static calculation and the strength of the entire framework.


Mobile Solar Power removes the need for conventional EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) services on site. With the 2 portrait multi-axis systems there is no heavy machinery required and the only activities that take place on site are assembly procedures rather than full construction.
The setup of our plug & play system mainly involves placing tables at satellite-confirmed points in line with the technical design. For each block of tables, there is a corresponding pre-assembled inverter container unit, which features security, cabling, monitoring and others. DC cabling is connected on site. There is no need for highly-skilled labour and the amount of manpower required is far lower. Erection of multi-megawatt projects is now measured in weeks rather than months!