Our company is based in Germany. Here, using our facilities and experienced engineers, we execute a significant portion of the works, before shipping out ready-to-install containers to the project location. Through our network of partners, we are able to efficiently deliver renewable energy across the world, including in remote areas.

Our product is the most flexible form of solar PV plant to date. It is applicable in a wide variety of contexts and we firmly believe it will play an important role in tackling most of the issues outlined below.


Our past is deeply rooted in development of conventional solar PV plants. It has been a privilege for us to be part of the “green revolution” and since 2000. The deployment of renewable power across the globe in recent years shows that markets and investors are coming to the same conclusion.

At the same time, the most suitable, accessible and optimal sites for construction are steadily being developed, leading the large-scale solar industry to increasingly turn to more “challenging” locations. Hence, the future of PV is heavily based on mobile, flexible energy generating facilities. We are here to help address this need.


Concept developed by a team of highly experienced professionals in the renewable energy market, which boasts over 7.5GW of solar PV capacity developed and approximately 1GW installed. The team comes from one of the longest-running EPC providers in the industry. All relevant commercial, technical and installation staff is available in-house which guarantees swift project execution.

Relationships with the main suppliers of equipment – REC for modules and Vensys for inverters – are long-term strategic partnerships with the aim of continuously improving the renewable technology offered. We are proud to say that our mobile solar power solution is a result of joint efforts of some of the leading minds in the solar industry.


According to World Bank statistics, nearly 15% of the world’s population still does not have access to electricity and another 15% have only irregular or interrupted service. There are countless neighborhoods, schools, hospitals and other facilities with little or no power supply.

The most pressing need comes from the African continent. Alarmingly, records from 2014 show that in more than a dozen countries the share of the population with any access to electricity is less than a fifth! The “electricity access challenge” is one of the major issues facing humanity in the modern era, with forecasts indicating that in some less developed countries the number of people without electricity access will actually rise. There is an urgent need to act.


We are here to accommodate for this need and thereby ensure as much as possible that the economic interests of solar PV development align with social interests of bringing energy and prosperity to rural and remote regions worldwide. Our ambition is to create a situation where it is not only ethical and morally correct to invest in such regions but that it is also economically attractive and therefore sustainable long-term.

Our vision is to deliver a reliable and affordable supply of electricity across the globe and therefore help bring developing countries on the fast track to a better quality of life. Best of all, to do this we only require the clean power of the sun.