Our plug & play product is a unique and highly flexible pre-packaged solar container facility. It effectively includes the entire set of required components in standard shipping containers – 6ft, 10ft, 20ft or 40ft, according to client requirements. This includes PV modules, inverters, cabling, mounting supports, as well as optional monitoring system and battery storage. Specifications of each container are available upon request.

Therefore, a purchase of the MSP system simply means the order of a desired number of PV containers ready for quick installation and requires no significant prior technical knowledge on behalf of our customers. The product and its constituent elements are up to the highest technical standards of European manufacturing and are designed to work together in an optimal manner.

Off-Grid // 6ft Solar Container 5kWp - 15kWp

The smallest unit in the MSP range comes in a 6ft container. It features up to 24 PV modules, a string inverter, charge controller, cabling, and undermounting, as well as a battery system. The kWp capacity is adjustable, subject to the number and power of solar panels.

The compactly-packed item is extremely versatile. Some of its potential applications include projects in remote or difficult areas, as well as industrial or agricultural operations with a certain energy demand but with an unreliable grid. Battery sizing is done on a case-by-case basis subject to the user's consumption.

Off-Grid // 10ft Solar Container 15kWp - 50kWp

The second MSP offering boasts a possibility for increased installed capacity due to the use of a slightly larger container unit. The additional 4ft compared to the smallest item enables us to install notably more PV panels per container. All other components are comparable to the 6ft item, with only a somewhat larger inverter and battery, if needed.

As indicated on the image provided, the table formation follows the same principles as the other off-grid MSP variants. Space utilization is maximized due to small inter-row gaps. Cable routes are minimized to reduce cost and potential cable losses. The orientation of tables and exact position of the container are flexible.

Off-Grid // 20ft Solar Container 50kWp - 100kWp

Another MSP container variant is based on a size of 20ft, which enables packing of enough PV modules for a capacity of more than 50kWp. This system may be suitable for medium-sized industrial or agricultural operations, or as back-up for a small group of residential units.

The V-shaped tables still represent the main feature of the operational system. Meanwhile, the undermounting structure is based on a scaffolding-type solution which uses steel pipes. This framework is extremely simple to put together and equally quick to be disassembled, which makes the MSP ready for a potential relocation.

Off-Grid // 40ft Solar Container 100kWp - 200kWp

The largest unit recommended for off-grid uses is the 40ft MSP container item. Due to its significant power output, the 100-200 kWp variant is suitable for large electricity users to cover some or all of their consumption. The units are freely scalable, therefore significant operations are also be to opt for several interconnected 40ft items.

A single, but large string inverter manages the entire DC capacity of a container. All systems are available with 1000 and 1500 volts. All electrical and mechanical components are normally provided within the shipment, apart from the concrete needed for the ballast mounting structure. This material would normally be sourced locally.

On-Grid // 40ft Solar Slide-Out Container 200kWp - 1000kWp

One of the two MSP options designed for grid-connected plants is the 40ft container including a smaller 6ft container which houses string inverter(s) needed to convert the DC power of 200-1000kWp into AC. As indicated on the left-hand side, the smaller container slides out of the larger one and remains on site, serving as part of the inverter/transformer station.

Our clients may also choose from two table options for this system. The standard V-table and the variant with spacing in the middle of the two PV panels. The latter is particularly aimed at use with bifacial modules, where the amount of light hitting the ground and being reflected is critical to the amount of energy produced.

On-Grid // 40ft Solar Container 1000kWp - 3000kWp

The largest MSP unit is also based on freely-scalable 40ft containers with up to 200kWp each. Here, up to 15 such containers can be connected within one block which is served by a single central inverter and transformer unit. This solution is ideal for utility-scale and infrastucture projects.

For such projects, the clients may also order additional security systems, such as camera or fencing. With bifacial modules and tables with spacing in the middle, the plant would produce a significant amount of electricity above standard systems, while with normal tables, the space utilization is unparelleled.


The solar PV market has shown growing popularity and wide-spread deployment of bi-facial panels, which generate electricity from light that hits the front as well as the back of the PV cells. The flexible solution has been designed to make the best use of not only the conventional modules but also the bi-facial technology.

The mounting structure profiles and the fixing parts have been designed to block as little of the rear side of the panels as possible. Therefore, they are able to pick up the maximum reflection coming off the surface. The amount of additional production is subject to the type of ground and indications may be found in guidance of panel manufacturers. To maximize yield, we also offer a highly-reflective foil on the ground underneath the modules, with which the system could produce circa 20% more than with conventional PV panels.


We provide the owners of our Mobile Solar Power system peace of mind during the operation of the facility in several ways. The package includes options such as constant remote monitoring of plant performance via satellite connection and cutting-edge software, therefore enabling quick identification of any technical issues. Secondly, the plant features an intelligent alarm system option which operates 24/7 and which alerts the user instantly to any break-ins and potential damage or theft. Also, the cabling is protected by being laid in a channel inside the lockable container.

The final safety measure offered lies in the mobility of the system. In case of change of legal, regulatory, natural or any other circumstances of the project, the owner can choose to pack and move the entire PV solution elsewhere, at extremely short notice.


The support structure is a refined version of the proven east/west facing mounting table with panel portrait orientation, which blends elegant design with considerable load-carrying capacity. It has 5 sets of 4 substructure posts per table. The profiles running along the table length can follow the site slope and hence enable construction on slight hill sides, regardless of direction.

The height of the lowest point can be set at approx. 1m which, for instance, may be relevant in agro solar solutions where the soil underneath the panels is used for growing crops, sheep grazing or other. The solution is applicable in difficult terrains, geological or archaeological sites, due to absence of ground penetration. No natural water courses are disturbed. The dual-facing system can be placed on the land in any direction and produce the same, hence the site can be optimally filled regardless of its size and shape. We guarantee the static calculation and the strength of the entire system.


Mobile Solar Power removes the need for conventional EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) services on site. With our dual-facing frameworks there is no heavy machinery required and the only activities that take place on site are assembly procedures rather than full construction.

The setup of our plug & play system mainly involves placing tables at satellite-confirmed points in line with the technical design. For each block of tables, there is a corresponding pre-assembled inverter container unit, which features security, cabling, monitoring and others. DC cabling is connected on site. There is no need for highly-skilled labour and the amount of manpower required is far lower. Erection of multi-megawatt projects is now measured in weeks rather than months!


Having developed over 7,500 MW of projects worldwide since 2000, our company boasts not only a wealth of expertise in planning, legal and technical tasks necessary to develop a plant but also a very strong track record in raising project finance. Most recently, we have been working on a project backed by the World Bank.


We possess the technical capabilities to optimise the photovoltaic plant for a given location. With our trained staff and cutting-edge PV software the team produces detailed engineering diagrams, selection of components and assembly plans. Also, our Mobile Solar Power flexible solutions are being fully developed in-house.


All our projects are not only designed but also maintained to the highest standard. To ensure operation without failures and optimum energy yield, we also provide O&M services. These include remote monitoring via latest software as well as on-site maintenance and cleaning of solar modules through one of our locally-based teams.


Plug & Play MSP System

There are numerous reasons why our flexible mobile solar power station may be preferable to a traditional PV installation.
High degree of security provided through the ability to re-locate the entire plant units very quickly, since the mounting system is minimally invasive. Designed for temporary as well as permanent use.
Possible unit capacity is up to approx. 3000kWp per inverter, depending on the module configuration and number of the containers used.
Due to its standardized dimensions (6ft to 40ft), the solution is well suited for shipping and transport worldwide. No heavy construction machinery necessary for assembly on site.
All-in-one package (mounting table components, modules, inverter, transformer, cabling as well as optional monitoring and batteries).
Versatile mounting solution offers possibilities (bifacial or standard modules, any orientation, different table lengths, high land utilization) and applications (sensitive or remote sites, landfills, etc.).
Designed for standard and bifacial modules alike.
6ft Container Minimum
6ft Container Maximum
10ft Container Minimum
10ft Container Maximum
20ft Container Minimum
20ft Container Maximum
40ft Container Minimum
40ft Container Maximum


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Our company is based in Germany and operates through a global network of established contacts. All relevant commercial, technical and installation staff is available in-house to execute a significant portion of the works before shipping out ready-to-install containers to the project location which guarantees swift project execution.

Through our collection of partners, we are able to efficiently deliver renewable energy across the world, including in remote areas. Our product is the most flexible form of solar PV plant to date. It is applicable in a wide variety of contexts and we firmly believe it will play an important role in tackling most of the environmental and climate change issues prevalent in the world today.


The product has been developed by a team of highly experienced professionals in the renewable energy market, which boasts over 7.5GW of solar PV capacity developed and approximately 1GW installed. The team comes from one of the longest-running EPC and development providers in the industry, active in solar since 2000.


Our team is available to answer any queries and requests.


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